12 Habits of Successful Women You Can Start Today

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Oprah Winfrey once said “Successful women still have their feet on the ground, they just have better shoes”

But, while this could be true for those who define success as money, it’s meaningless for those who have a different definition of success!

So what does success mean to you?

Like Oprah, being a successful woman to you might be the shoes, money, and career success… or success for you might be providing a comfortable life for your family and finding true happiness!

But no matter how you define the lifestyle of a successful woman, it’s totally possible for you to achieve the success you want just like many successful women before you have done…


Well, there are certain habits of successful women that helped them create success & achieve their dreams & goals… and you can start these habits right now too!

Let’s jump in…

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12 Habits of Successful Women That You Can Start Today!

1. She Challenges Herself

A successful woman isn’t afraid to take risks and accept challenges.

She understands the importance of stepping out of her comfort zone and is always pushing herself further.

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If there’s something she wants to achieve, no matter how big, a successful woman will continue to push herself out of her comfort zone & keep moving forward until she gets what she wants… she never settles for a lesser goal.

2. She Educates Herself

A successful woman knows that knowledge is power.

She’s always curious & loves to learn new things. She values her knowledge & knows that the time she spends researching & learning something new is time well spent.

A successful woman is not afraid to seek clarification & ask questions when there’s something she doesn’t understand.

She doesn’t need a certificate or a master’s degree & she’s aware that she will never know it all… but a successful woman will always keep striving to learn more & become well versed in as many areas as she can.

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3. She Sets Goals

One of the habits of successful women is that they already have their goals (and a plan to achieve them) mapped out…

A successful woman is aware of the importance of setting small goals so she’s always in a constant cycle of achieving but she’s not afraid to set big goals too!

She never gives up on her goals. She ensures this by tracking & measuring her success so she can change up her strategy if it isn’t working.

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4. She Learns From Her Mistakes

A successful woman knows that every mistake she makes means she is a step closer to a solution.

She doesn’t dwell on her mistakes or make excuses for them. Instead, she accepts responsibility & takes the opportunity to learn from them.

One of the best habits of successful women is that they keep trying no matter how many times they fail Quote

5. She’s Humble

A successful woman has a lot of self-confidence but she’s also humble & respectful of others around her.

She has the humility not to brag about her every achievement or to constantly think of herself. She’s well aware that she’s far from perfect & understands that she has a lot to learn from everyone she meets.

6. She Has Balance

A successful woman enjoys putting her time & effort into her career or business but she also knows that her social life & family are important too.

She’s able to switch off from the demands of her work & enjoy spending time with her family & friends.

Similarly, she doesn’t let feelings of guilt stop her from reaching towards her goals either.

She knows that feeling guilty is a waste of her time so she doesn’t dwell on it… she acknowledges her guilt as a normal emotion, accepts it and carries on.

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7. She Makes Others Feel Good

A successful woman can’t help but make the people around her feel good.

She makes a positive impact on all the lives she touches simply by being kind, empathic & genuinely caring.

She knows a simple smile can help others to feel instantly at ease & goes out of her way to listen to what others have to say rather than talking about herself all the time.

8. She’s Smart With Money

A successful woman is in full control of all the important areas of her life and her finances are no exception.

She’s smart enough to delegate specialist tasks to an accountant or a bookkeeper but remains in constant contact & is aware of every financial decision & transaction.

She tracks her incoming & outgoing funds so she can always be confident that there are no surprise or overdue bills to deal with.

9. She Takes Care Of Herself

Whether physically or mentally, a successful woman knows that her health takes a priority…

She knows what she needs to eat to feel good & nourish her body & has no problem having a delicious piece of chocolate if she wants some… after all, she knows that a healthy lifestyle is a balance between her physicality & mindset!

She has developed a productive morning routine so she never needs to rush & she doesn’t feel guilty treating herself to some much-needed self-care time either where she may read a book or do whatever she likes for a few hours.

A successful woman also enjoys treating herself… for example, she will happily spend money on a new perfume just because it makes her feel good.

10. She Celebrates Her Wins

A successful woman understands that celebrating all her wins, both big & small is a great way to keep herself motivated & striving towards even more success.

She understands that all big dreams are achieved through taking little steps & therefore she values every single achievement along the way, writing them all down in her journal so she can look back on them on the days when she needs a little encouragement.

A successful woman knows that celebrating a win doesn’t have to cost her a lot of money either. She’s can celebrate with a hot relaxing bath, a special meal in with a friend or treat herself to a little something she’s wanted for a while.

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11. She Handles Stress

With success comes an increased amount of stress & responsibility but this doesn’t phase a successful woman.

She has developed some effective ways of coping with stress & remaining in control of her life!

From time management, a healthy sleeping & eating routine, relaxation techniques, mindfulness & exercise such as yoga or the gym… a successful woman has learned what it takes to handle stress on a daily basis.

12. She Keeps Good Company

A successful woman knows that keeping the right company is important for her self-development & accomplishments.

She understands that her energy is precious & doesn’t risk draining it on people who are negative by nature.

Instead, she loves to surround herself with a diverse mix of women who are motivated & driven just like she, but who aren’t afraid to challenge her to enrich & develop herself further.

Before You Go…

Success comes in many forms but achieving success is done through a combination of effort & commitment to a collection of habits that help us achieve our goals… So, how many of these habits of successful women do you have already?

Let’s keep in touch…

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