Want To Know How To Be Happy? Take This 30 Day Happiness Challenge!

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If you want to know how to be happy the give this 30 day happiness challenge a try! incease happiness & live your best life using these simple ideas to improve your happiness | infographic | Self care | personal development #infographic #howtobehappy#selfdevelopment #selfcare #increashappiness #happy

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be happy?

Is it living in your dream houses and driving a new car?

Or is it when you’re living the perfect lifestyle you see so often on Instagram and Facebook?

Or, perhaps happiness is none of those things for you and you believe you’ll find true happiness when you’re at your dream weight!

And it’s true… at the moment you’re experiencing those things you probably will feel really happy…

But is that true happiness?

You Can Be Happy… Before You Get What You Want

The truth is…

It’s really great to have big goals like the dream house and car to work towards.

Heck, you should see my goal list!

But it’s important to realize that you can feel & be happy BEFORE you achieve all those things you wish for… those things that you think will make you happy!

It’s a hard concept to understand for many people but being happy & having an appreciation for the here & now will help you to achieve those goals quicker than if you live your life miserable while you wait…

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is | positive quote | law of attraction quotes | happiness Quote | #happiness #happinessquote

Being Happy With What You Have… Right Now

Just think about this for a second…

If you wake up every day feeling positive & excited for your day ahead, you’re going to be a lot more motivated & take more inspired action towards your goals, right?

But on the other hand, imagine you approach most days with an attitude of frustration & misery because you don’t have all the stuff you think you need to be happy yet… you’re not going to feel like getting out of bed, let alone taking steps towards making your life better!

So, you need to find ways to be happy now… with what you have now!

If you look at what you have in life you'll always have more... if you look at what you don't have in life you'll never have enough | Oprah Quote | Appreciation quote | #appreciationquote #lawofattractionquotes #oprahquotes

Happiness is Found in the Little Things

You might think this is impossible but you’ll be pleased to know that true happiness is found in all the little things!

Don’t believe me?

I’ve asked over 100 people to tell me what makes them truly happy and received back a list of over 300 incredible ideas… & not one of those 300 ideas involved having a car, or money, or holidays!

Yep, not one…

So, to help inspire you to find & experience happiness every day I’ve put together a 30-day happiness challenge!

Each day you’ll do one of the top 30 things that make people happy!

It's the little things quote | positive quote | inspirational quote | Happiness quotes #happinessquote #positivequote #inspirationalquote

The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

You may be wondering why you should do a 30-day happiness challenge instead of just reading a long list of ideas & doing as many as you can every day…

Well, a 30-day challenge is a great way to break down a big goal into manageable steps so you can achieve it without feeling overwhelmed.

Humans like to feel comfortable so we have a natural resistance to change…

During the 30-day happiness challenge, you’re going to hack that resistance to change by doing one new thing per day! (of course, you can do more if you like).

Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions | Dalai Lama quote | happiness quote | how to be happy | #happinessquote #dalailamaquote #quotesabouthappiness

Forming a Successful Habit

By doing one thing per day you’re maximizing your chances of success! Mainly because you’ll avoid feeling uncomfortable or that these new changes are taking over your life!

Science says that it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit… So by spreading these ideas out & doing them incrementally over a 30-day time period, you’ll be well on your way to developing a new happiness habit by day 30!

So without further ado, let’s bring on the happy…

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30 Day Happiness Challenge That Will Change Your Life! Complete the tasks set for each day & find our how to become happier within 30 days! #30daychallenge #howtobe #happy #happiness #howtobehappy #challenge

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The 30-Day Happiness Challenge

1. Clean The Bed Sheets

Getting into a nice fresh bed at the end of the day is a great way to feel all your troubles & stress leave your body.

2. Listen To Music From Your Younger Years

Listening to the music that you enjoyed in your younger years is one of the best ways to feel great & remember the good times!

3. Meditate For 30 Minutes

How often do you get to just sit & be alone with your thoughts? Take some time today to quiet your mind & appreciate the silence! You can even use a guided meditation from YouTube if you prefer.

4. Treat Yourself To Some Flowers

Flowers can boost your mood by bringing a bright, colorful & cheerful atmosphere into your home. Either pick some from your garden or buy some from your local store & spend some time relaxing as you arrange them.

5. Compliment Someone & Yourself

Make a point today of bringing a little happiness to someone else’s day by complimenting them… make sure you share in that happy feeling by offering yourself some compliments too!

6. Dance Like No One Is Watching

We all know that exercise is a great way to release endorphins & other happy chemicals into our brains but it’s also so much fun to blast some loud music and dance about like crazy!

7. Take Yourself Out For Lunch

Create yourself a little picnic to enjoy in the park or if you prefer, visit a local bakery or cafe to enjoy some quality time having lunch by yourself.

8. Do Something Creative

There’s a quote by Kurt Vonnegut that says ‘practicing any art ― no matter how badly ― makes the soul grow. “So do it,”’ …& you don’t have to be a talented artist to get creative either… try doing some free writing where you just let your thoughts flow out onto the page, or cook a meal from scratch or simply put together a playlist of your favorite songs on Spotify.

9. Take a Lovely Hot Bath

Spend some time today having a lovely hot bath with your favorite bubbles. You can even light some candles & play some music while you enjoy your relaxing soak to make it feel even more luxurious!

10. Create a Pinterest Board Full Of The Things You Love

Pinterest is a haven of feel-good inspiration & ideas… create a board and fill it with all the things you love! From beautiful locations to your favorite quotes & recipes…. to help you get started you can click here to pin this post to your board 🙂

11. Bake A Cake

Have a look on Pinterest for some easy & delicious cake recipes & bake yourself or someone else a cake. It feels really good to give & receive food so you’ll make someone really happy when you hand over the delicious treat you baked yourself.

12. Go For A Walk

Go for a walk today & appreciate the fresh air blowing in your face & the nature around you.

13. Call A Friend

Everyone feels better after a good chat & giggle with a friend… I’m sure there’s a friend or family member who would love to hear from you today!

14. Read a Book

You might not be able to finish a whole book in one day but get started with a new good book or pick up the book you’re already halfway through! Need some inspiration? This book was recommended to me by a close friend & I couldn’t put down…

15. Learn Something New

You can never have enough knowledge! Is there anything you’ve always been curious about? or something that you don’t understand how to do?  Maybe you don’t know how to bleed a radiator or maybe you wouldn’t know where to start with pumping up your car tires? Take some time today to look up the answers… you’ll give yourself a real boost in confidence too!

16. Try Something New

Learning a new skill is a really fun way to challenge yourself while giving you that happy feeling of accomplishment too! You could teach yourself the alphabet in another language or learn some new photography skills… you could even do what I did & start a blog.

17. Help Someone

Help somebody else today in any way that you can! It will not only make you feel happier, you’ll also make someone else really happy too.

18. Start A Journal

Start a journal today to track & record your daily habits, write down your goals or list the things you really appreciate in your life right now.

19. Do A Gentle Yoga Practice

There are so many health benefits to practicing yoga & happiness is one of them. You can find a great yoga sequence for happiness right here.

20. Uplevel Something

Have you got anything in your life that needs a little upgrade? Maybe your underwear is a little ripped or maybe you’ve been wanting to buy a better shampoo for a while… Today, find something that isn’t filling you with joy & upgrade it to a better option. Buy yourself a new pair of undies that make you feel like a million bucks or treat yourself to that better shampoo… it doesn’t have to be expensive, just better than you had before! Go on, you deserve it!

21. Celebrate Every Win

There really are no small wins in life! Every tiny step forward deserves to be celebrated! So today, think of something you’ve achieved recently & celebrate that win! You can celebrate in many ways that don’t have to include spending a ton of money like…

  • cooking a nice meal
  • writing your win down in your journal
  • toasting a drink… it doesn’t have to be champagne!
  • bake some nice cookies (this was my daughter’s suggestion)

22. Exercise

Exercise is always on the list when people want to know how to be happy! Just a 20-minute session of exercising will give you a mood boost that lasts for over 12 hours!

23. Cook a Meal From Scratch

Whip up a storm in the kitchen today & cook your dinner from scratch! Even better enjoyed with good company!

24. Make a Fancy Breakfast

I really notice the difference in my day when I’ve had a good breakfast! Maybe you usually skip breakfast or you have the same boring breakfast every day? Today give your whole day & mood a positive boost by creating a breakfast that’s a little more fancier than you’re used to!

25. Sit Outside & Listen To The Birds

There’s nothing better for happiness than listening to the birds chirping away as they fly around the garden without a care in the world.

26. Tidy One Area Of Your Home

Bring about the happy feelings today by decluttering & tidying an area of your home. Once the area is tidied be sure to spend time enjoying the space & the feelings of accomplishment!

27. Visit Somewhere New

Go out today and visit somewhere you’ve never been before. It could be a historic attraction where you’ll learn something new or even a new park you haven’t explored before. It will help you to get curious & open your mind to new experiences & opportunities!

28. Watch The Sunrise

It’s an incredibly peaceful feeling to wake up before everyone else & enjoy a hot cup of coffee while you watch the sunrise! It feels like bonus time!

29. Eat Healthily

Being healthy isn’t about being slim or spending hours working up a sweat in the gym… it’s about treating your mind & your body the right way. You should definitely enjoy a slice of cake if you want some but you should also eat some healthy foods too… It’s all about balance! Today try to incorporate lots of healthy foods into your diet… your body will thank you!

30. Have A Pyjama Day

Spend the whole day today just chilling out in your pajamas doing nothing… after all,  we all need a break to recharge & re-energize ourselves & you really shouldn’t feel guilty doing it either!

Before You Go

As you can see from this 30-day happiness challenge, there are so many little ways you can bring happiness into your life and make some positive changes.

Know someone who would love to take the 30 day-challenge with you? Why not share it with them & do it together?

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30 Day Happiness Challenge Infrographic | how to be happy | how to increase happiness | self care | personal development | how to be happy in life #happinesschallenge #howtobehappy #30daychallenge #happiness #personaldevelopment #howtobehappyinfographic #infographic

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30 Day Happiness Challenge Infrographic | how to be happy | how to increase happiness | self care | personal development | how to be happy in life #happinesschallenge #howtobehappy #30daychallenge #happiness #personaldevelopment #howtobehappyinfographic #infographic