19 Good Habits Everyone Needs For A Successful Life

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You probably know the difference between good and bad habits, right?

But do you know which particular good habits will help you have more success in life?

In this post, we’ve got a good habits list of 19 habits that you can start cultivating immediately for more success!

And hey, it’s never too early (or late) to start cultivating good habits in your lifestyle.

After all, we all face roadblocks, challenges, and stress in our lives that we can get through much easier when we practice these good habits!

So let’s dive in…

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19 Good Habits Everyone Needs For Success!

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The Ultimate Good Habits List For More Success

1. Develop A Positive Mindset

It took me about 30 years and hitting rock bottom (both financially and mentally) before I discovered how powerful a positive mindset is when it comes to being successful. 

On your way to success, you will encounter roadblocks and challenges that feel so hard, if not impossible, to overcome.

And this is where the benefits of a positive mindset come in…

Because when you truly believe that you will succeed, you will find the strength to keep going… no matter what challenges are thrown at you along the way.

To develop a positive mindset I recommend reading this book by Napolean Hill… it really did change my mindset and allow me to notice more opportunities in my life.

2. Create A Productive Routine

Having the structure of a routine will allow you to stay focused and on track with everything you want and need to do.

Of course, things you didn’t plan for will still pop up every so often so it’s good to have some flexibility in your routine… but having a good structure to fall back on will help you get back on track quickly.

I recommend starting out with a good morning routine.

After all, the way you spend your morning will impact how you spend the rest of your day.

3. Be Humble

Of course, it’s great to have a ton of self-confidence and self-belief.

But staying humble & respectful of others is one of the most important things you can do as a successful person.

Being humble will allow you to keep yourself grounded and ensure you always keep learning. More on that below.

4. Practice Self-care

One of the best habits you can cultivate when you want to be more successful is to practice self-care every day. 

After all, how can you help others and continue on your path to success if you don’t take care of yourself?

Here are some easy ways to practice self-care

  • Stay hydrated 
  • Eat a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Exercise your body
  • Keep a journal
  • Do things you enjoy
  • Practice a good hygiene routine
  • Keep your home and living space clean and organized

5. Challenge Yourself

Getting out of your comfort zone and facing your fears is one of the best ways to develop and grow.

Get in the habit of noticing when you’re feeling resistant to trying or doing something new and find the strength you need to do it anyway.

Try asking yourself what you’re actually afraid of and what’s the worst that could happen in this situation… usually, you’ll find that your fear was far worse than the reality.

Need more help with building your confidence? We’ve got a great 30-day confidence challenge you can start today.

6. Educate Yourself

A great way to be more successful is to get in the habit of learning as much as you can…

After all, knowledge is power, right?

But here’s the thing… you really don’t need to know EVERYTHING or have a master’s degree to be successful.

You just need to know how to find out what you want to learn.

Reading as much as you can is a really good way to become well versed in many areas.

7. Staying Calm

We all have to deal with stressful situations and events. One of the best ways to handle these situations successfully is by remaining calm and logical.

If you’re feeling panicked or stressed, take a moment to breathe and think about your next step before taking action.

8. Set Goals

You’ve probably heard the very famous quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that says ‘a goal without a plan is just a dream.

Setting goals and making an action plan to achieve them will help you to stay focused. You’ll also be able to establish new behavior patterns that will help you to stay motivated and maintain momentum as you work towards achieving your goals.

9. Find Balance

When you want to be more successful it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling guilty when you’re not working.


All work and no play is a recipe for burnout and disaster.

So be sure to get into the habit of balancing your time between relaxing with family and friends and working towards your goals.

10. Surround Yourself With Positive People

There’s nothing more precious than your mental health and energy.

So be sure to spend your time with positive and ambitious people.

You’ll gain so much by spending time with people who empower, challenge, and uplift you… rather than negative people who happily tear you down and drain you.

11. Learn From Your Mistakes

If we didn’t make mistakes then we would never learn how to improve.

So, instead of beating yourself up over mistakes, try to switch your mindset and see them as an opportunity to grow and learn something new.

12. Have Patience

I don’t mean to go all ‘Hannah Montana’ on you, but it really is the climb to success that matters far more than the success itself…

After all, even when you reach your goals, you’ll immediately set yourself bigger and even more challenging goals to go for.

So get in the habit of having patience and enjoying the whole journey. Yep, even the roadblocks and mistakes along the way… because in the end, the journey is what really matters. 

13. Help Others

It’s not selfish to want to succeed and do better in your life.

In fact, this world needs more good people like you doing well. Because those good people will pay it forward and help others.

And did you know that when you help others from a place of abundance, you’ll attract more abundance into your life which will, in turn, allow you to help even more people?

14. Keep On Top Of Finances

Being successful means being in control of many aspects of your life including your finances.

So keep track of your budget, and incoming and outgoing transactions so you don’t have any surprise bills or money that’s unaccounted for.

15. Practice Gratitude Daily

To be more successful you need to focus more on what you already have to grateful for rather than what you want.

Practicing an attitude of gratitude will give you even more reasons to feel grateful in your life.

Every night before I go to sleep I think about the top 3 things that I’m thankful for that day and when I wake up in the morning I write down 10 things I am thankful for in my journal… and yes, coffee is always at the top of the list! 

It’s an excellent way to feel appreciative of what you have.

16. Be Quiet And Listen

It’s definitely a positive if you can speak up for yourself and say what you think. But there’s also so much success to be gained from just listening to others.

Whether it’s listening to the thoughts, feelings, or experiences of your friends and family… to listening to a podcast or reading a book. You’ll be far more successful when you can listen and learn from the wealth of experience others have to offer you.

17. Celebrate All Achievements (No Matter How Small)

It’s not just the big things that should be celebrated… you should absolutely be celebrating the small wins too.

Celebrating the small successes gives you a boost of positivity and helps you to feel much more motivated and enthusiastic to keep going for those bigger wins too.

18. Empathise With Others

Being empathic means you’ll be able to appreciate and understand the experience of others. Meaning you’ll be able to foster healthy relationships and trust.

So, get in the habit of being empathic with others and you’ll be in a much better position to have success in your life and your career.

19. Have Fun

Having fun and enjoying all your experiences is a great way to be more successful. 

After all, would you feel successful if you were always working or feeling guilty when you couldn’t work?

Of course not.

We do much better and make better decisions when we’re in a place where we feel good… so be sure to make fun a priority in your daily routine.