30 Day Confidence Challenge: Easy Steps to a Confident You!

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Are you wondering how to become more confident? 

Without spending money on therapists, doctors, and everything else in between?

Well, here’s the truth…

You can kiss goodbye to low self-esteem and become more confident, happy, and carefree with the 30-day confidence challenge below!

No more…

  • Feeling embarrassed (even over little things)
  • Being terrified to initiate a  conversation (sometimes even with people you know)
  • Constantly stressing about what people think of you
  • Holding back from pursuing your goals

The list could go on and on…

What Is The 30-Day Confidence Challenge?

The 30-day confidence challenge is a really easy way to ease yourself towards being more comfortable in your own skin!

Each day you’ll complete a new challenge that will help build your self-esteem and confidence.

Sure, some days will feel more challenging than others, but getting out of your comfort zone is the recipe for personal growth and you can do it!

What Confidence Is (And What It Is Not)

As you go through the challenge you’ll learn a lot about what it really means to be confident. 

A common misconception (and you may have fallen for this over the years) is that you have to look a certain way, or have (what the media portray as) the perfect figure to be confident.

But this challenge is not about that!

You see, being confident is not about how you look or how you dress or how good you are compared to others.

Instead, confidence is an inner feeling of how YOU feel about YOURSELF in the skin that you’re in.

So, becoming confident is not about you changing yourself… it’s about learning to love yourself!

So let me ask…

Are you ready to let go of your low self-esteem and comparing yourself to other women? Good.. because this 30-day confidence challenge is all about you feeling damn good about you!

So let’s do it!

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30 Day Confidence Challenge: Easy Steps to a More Confident You!

The 30-Day Confidence Challenge

Day #1 List Out Your Best Qualities

To get yourself started on this 30-day confidence challenge, list out your best qualities as you see them right now. Maybe you’re really kind, caring or friendly… or maybe you’re smart, great at cooking or awesome at being on time… Once you’ve got your list of best qualities, keep it safe as you’ll need this again at the end of this challenge.

Day #2 Affirmations

Come up with at least 3 positive affirmations to tell yourself in front of the mirror. If you can, try to say these affirmations to yourself every day of this confidence boost challenge!

Day #3 Exercise

Even just 10 minutes of exercise can make you feel great and ready for the day ahead!

Day #4 Keep a Promise (To Yourself)

How often do you say you’re going to do something and then not do it? Today, make sure you follow through and complete one thing you’ve promised to do.

Day #5 Read a Book

Whether it’s a ‘self-help’ book or a fictional story… start reading something new today that makes you feel great!

Day #6 Stand Up For Yourself

If you usually shy away from making your voice heard then today is the day to let people know what you really think!

Day #7 Face Your Fear

We all know fear is a natural response designed to keep us safe… But oftentimes we fear things that won’t ever hurt us… today is the day to face your fears and prove to yourself that you really can do anything.

Day #8 Wear What You Want

Embracing your true style can do wonders for your self-esteem… So today, rock that outfit you truly love (without caring what anyone else thinks)!

Day #9 Do Something New

Try something you’ve never tried before today… you never know, you might discover a new hobby or passion!

Day #10 Set a Small Goal & Achieve it

Achieving goals (no matter how small) can do wonders for your confidence and motivation. Today, set yourself a small goal and make sure you achieve it by the end of the day. It could be to clean that space you’ve been meaning to clean for a while, or going for an extra-long walk.

Day #11 Pay Someone a Compliment

Paying others a compliment is a great way to get chatting… you may even find they compliment you back! For an extra confidence boost challenge yourself to compliment a stranger!

Day #12 Smile at Everyone You See

Smiles are really infectious… not just for the people you smile at, but also for yourself… it’s just a fact that when we smile, we feel good inside.

Day #13 Think Positive

Time to turn those negative thoughts into positive ones… For example, if you feel like something is difficult to do, instead of saying ‘this is impossibly hard’ or ‘I can’t do this’ try saying ‘I love being challenged’ or ‘I love finding things I can’t do yet because it pushes me to discover new ways’.

Day #14 Pamper Time

Take some time today to really pamper yourself… You could take a long relaxing soak in the bath, treat yourself to an hour or so reading your favorite book or even watch a feel-good film… but make sure that by the end of the day, you go to bed feeling refreshed & relaxed.

Day #15 Be Generous

Do you have something to offer somebody else without getting anything in return? Being generous to others is a great way to prove to yourself that you do have value.

Day #16 Tidy Your Space

It’s amazing how having a fresh, tidy space can make you feel instantly motivated and ready to face the world! Choose a small area that you spend a lot of time in and clean it thoroughly. 

Day #17 Stand Tall

Have you ever noticed how really confident people hold their posture really tall? Try and stand tall today by holding your shoulders back and your head high… and most importantly, try and relax your body language while out and about… You might find more people approach you when you have relaxed and open body language.

Day #18 Set a Big Goal and Make a Plan to Achieve It

We all have some pretty big ambitions, hopes, and dreams but many people don’t come close to achieving them because they don’t know how… Sometimes, having a big goal can be frustrating when it feels so far away and unobtainable… so people give up! The trick is to set your big goal and then set micro steps towards achieving it… But the most important thing to achieving your big goal? Enjoy the journey! 

Day #19 Stop Procrastinating

Have you got something important to do that you’ve been putting off? Maybe you think you don’t know how to do it?… or maybe it’s a really tough job that you’ve been dreading?… Well, today is the day to stop procrastinating on the biggest thing you’ve been putting off and make a start on it! You’ll feel great after, I promise!

Day #20 Be Honest With Yourself

Phew, this is a toughie! Grab some alone time today to get real with yourself by listing some things about you that you don’t like.

But don’t just list them… also write down why you don’t like that certain part of yourself and question whether your belief is based on truth or fiction.

If it’s based in truth then decide how you’re gonna change that part of you that you don’t like… and if it’s fiction? It’s time to throw that belief out and move on in a more positive way! 

Day #21 Defy Imposter Syndrome

It doesn’t matter who you are and how much you’ve achieved in life, we all have that feeling of being not good enough at times or feeling like we don’t deserve the things we want… So today, find something that you feel you’re not good enough for and DO IT ANYWAY! Maybe it’s starting a blog, dining out at a ‘posh’ restaurant, or buying an outfit you’d love to wear… or maybe it’s time to start a course that will help you towards that dream job you want! 

Day #22 Focus on Others

When you’re suffering from low confidence, it’s easy to think that everyone is watching and judging you which makes talking to people feel super uncomfortable. But if you direct all the conversation onto them by asking them questions about what they do etc… then not only will you start to relax, but the other person will feel really good too because people just LOVE speaking about themselves! Give it a try today!

Day #23 Do Something Fun

Sometimes you’ve just got to have some fun! Not only is having fun a great mood booster… but while your busy smiling, you won’t be thinking of any niggling insecurities you have!

Day #24 Be OK With Failure

We’ve all got something we’ve tried and failed in the past… it’s ok, I promise! Failing is the best way to learn new and better ways to do things! So find something you’ve failed at in the past and try again… or, find something new and scary that you’re likely to fail at on your first attempt and go for it!

Day #25 Compliment Yourself

You’ve complimented others, faced some big fears, and made some great progress towards a more confident you… so compliment yourself today as much as you can! You deserve it!

Day #26 Hone Your Skill

Ever been told how good you are at something? Or do you have something that you love to do but wish you were better at it? Maybe it’s learning to play piano, or drawing and painting… maybe it’s makeup, gaming, cooking or singing or performing in some way… No matter what it is, choose something you want to be awesome at and start practicing today! 

Day #27 Say No

It’s honestly ok to say NO without needing a reason or good excuse, but it can be really hard to do it in reality! So challenge yourself to say no today when someone asks you to do something that you don’t really want to do!

Day #28 Prioritize You

This one is similar to saying ‘no’ in that you need to put yourself first. Sure, it’s great to be kind and generous towards others, but not at a detriment to your own happiness. So make sure today that you keep yourself as the top priority when someone asks you to do something, or when you’re going about your day.

Day #29 Be Grateful

Being grateful for what you have right now really is the key to long-term happiness and confidence. So today, either write down or take a mental note of everything you’ve got to feel grateful about… maybe it’s your health, your warm, safe home, the internet, the food you eat, the bed you sleep in, the people around you and so on…

Day #30 Reflect

On day one you wrote down a list of your best qualities… so today, (without looking at that first list) write down a list of your best qualities again… what do you feel really good about, what have you achieved in life and over the last 30 days? Once you’ve got that second list of your best qualities then grab your old one and compare them… How far have you come? 

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What Next?

How have you enjoyed this 30-day confidence challenge? Do you feel more confident and secure in yourself? Do you feel more motivated to take on your ambitions than you did 30 days ago? Awesome!

Just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean you can’t revisit it and do it all over again for even more confidence!

I would love for you to let me know how you found the challenge! Let me know in the comments section below…