500 Things To Be Grateful For Right Now!

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500 things to be grateful for? Now that’s a very long gratitude list!

But it’s so worth it because practicing gratitude will have a major positive impact on your life.

In fact, once you’ve read this blog post we think you’ll feel great for the rest of the day!

Why Should You Practice Gratitude

It’s a proven fact that practicing gratitude can make you happier and healthier! 

In fact, the benefits of using gratitude in your daily life are practically endless…

Alongside improved coping strategies for those hard times when things get tough or stressful – psychology research shows that when you express gratitude you’ll attract many positive changes into your life…

For example, feeling more positive emotions; truly enjoying the good times; appreciating the little things, and boosting your immune system!

So, are you ready to jump into this list of things to be grateful for?

Let’s go…

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500 things to be grateful for infographic

500 Things To Be Grateful For

1. Laughter filled nights out and deep conversations with good friends

2. Warm summer evenings

3. The scent and feel of freshly washed bedsheets

4. The person who always encourages you 

5. Lazy days 

6. Relaxing vacations

7. Having extra time 

8. Having food on the table and in the fridge

9. Positive people

10. The best friends you grew up with

11. Woodland walks 

Woodland walks

12. Paddling in the sea

13. Picnics on the beach… yes, even if you end up with a sandy sandwich

14. Being lucky enough to witness a shooting star

15. Your favorite books

16. Your physical health

17. The warm sunshine

18. Stunning sunsets that leave you breathless

19. Road trips, especially with friends!

20. Good hair days

21. Those first sips of hot coffee


22. Tea in all its delicious varieties 

23. A guilty pleasure

24. The unmistakable feeling of freshly washed hair

25. Juicy ice lollies on a hot summers day

26. Time passing games like rock paper scissors, eye spy, and tic tac toe!

27. A clear blue sky

28. Tropical rainforests

29. Idyllic island retreats

30. Kind people

31. Days off work and a 3-day weekend.

32. Cozy nights in

33. Snuggly hats, scarves, and gloves

34. Your favorite chocolate


35. The beauty and scents of fresh flowers

36. Being able to set goals

37. Parties for every special occasion

38. The unique beauty of each season

39. Hot showers…. especially on cold days

40. Cold showers… especially on hot days

41. Lava hot bubble baths that leave you relaxed and smelling amazing!

42. Giving and receiving compliments

43. The mesmerizing beauty of candles

44. Delicious fruits in all varieties


45. The magic of Christmas

46. All the spooky fun and excitement of Halloween

47. Easter mornings and hunting for Easter eggs!

48. Christmas tree aroma

49. That first bite of delicious gingerbread

50. The convenience of online shopping

51. Healthcare workers like Doctors, nurses, and all other medical professionals

52. The enjoyment, excitement, and camaraderie of sports

53. Digging into cookie dough ice cream and finding a huge lump of dough!

54. Coloring books

55. Paints


56. Being creative

57. Using your favorite mug!

58. The incredible developments of modern medicine

59. Watches

60. Fitness watches that help motivate you on your fitness journey

61. Google maps for ensuring we never get lost!

62. Being privileged enough to own a car

63. The convenience of public transport

64. AirPods so you can listen to your music anytime, anywhere

65. Picnics in the park

Picnics in the park are one of the small things to be grateful for

66. Netflix and all the different ways to enjoy your fave shows

67. Days spent binge-watching your favorite series

68. Modern conveniences

69. Having hair that you can style 

70. Wheelchairs and equipment that make people’s lives that little bit easier!

71. That smug feeling when you grab a bargain

72. To-do lists for helping you to get things done 

73. That feeling of relief and pride when you’ve completed a task

74. Wine

75. Warming up with a hot chocolate on a cold winters evening

76. When you wake up before sunrise

When you wake up before sunrise

77. Exercise that helps keep your body strong and your head clear

78. Being able to stay in touch with friends and family via social media

79. Your favorite song

80. Early morning

81. Monday morning fresh starts

82. Education is available to you

83. Your mind and all its wonders

84. Getting that paycheck

85. The satisfying feeling when making that final loan payment

86. Saving money

87. spending time with your kids

88. How good massages feel!

89. The luxury of spa days

90. Afternoon teas with friends 

91. Strong relationships

92. Vending machines… especially when you get a bonus product by accident!

93. Getting accepted for that new job

94. Getting a promotion at work

95. Lunchtime breaks

96. Birthdays

97. Different cuisines from around the world that excite your tastebuds

98. New inventions

99. Televisions

100. The availability of online courses

101. Credit cards

102. Relaxing on Friday evenings

103. The excitement of competitions

104. Winning!

105. Reminiscing through old yearbooks

106. Laughing at your old school reports

107. Re-watching your favorite childhood movies

108. Your first crush

109. Your first kiss

110. Same day delivery… thank you Amazon!

111. Takeaways

112. Drive-through Starbucks

113. Indoor plumbing

114. Planet earth

115. Relaxing on long weekends

116. The strength to get through hard days

117. Comfy PJs

118. Musical Instruments

119. Musicians

120. Waiting staff and hospitality workers who make your experience extra special!

121. Being brave

122. Being free of worry

123. Starting your dream business

124. Having a quiet moment to close your eyes and visualize your dreams

125. Watching your favorite sport live from the stadium

126. Smartphone apps… especially the calculator!

127. For those who have survived cancer

128. The feeling of pride you had on graduation day

129. Small towns

130. Achieving your small goals

131. Achieving your big goals

132. The ability to be generous

133. When people are generous towards you

134. Talented content creators that keep us entertained and informed

135. Your good health

136. Playlists for all your favorite songs

137. The feeling of the wind on your face

138. Beautiful mountains

139. Mysterious forests

140. Actors who bring stories to life

141. Scriptwriters who create epic, funny, and exciting stories!

142. The fun of journalling… especially in a new journal!

143. Spending precious time with grandchildren

144. Having a job you love

145. Having a secure job

146. Chilled out Sunday mornings 

147. Winning a prize

148. Days spent relaxing by the poolside

149. Snoozing the alarm

150. Goodnight kisses from a loved one

151. All you can eat buffets

152. Walks on the beach… especially at sunset

153. Being fortunate enough to be able to donate to charity

154. Connecting the mind and body with Yoga

155. Being able to write a book

156. Experiencing family traditions

157. Having qualifications that help you get to where you want to be in life

158. The modern luxury of flushing toilets

159. Having clean water available from a tap

160. Frozen banana ice cream… healthy and delicious!

161. Legal experts

162. Accountants that remove all the stress from running your finances

163. A supportive partner who loves you

164. Your favorite perfume… and the memories it envokes

165. The bees

166. Being warm

167. Having a garden

168. The country you live

169. Having freedom

170. Police officers

171. Youtube for being a hive of creative genius!

172. The wonderful beauty of snow

173. Teachers who are inspirational and invested in your education

174. The high school you went to and being able to learn

175. The mouthwatering aromas of cooking

176. Popcorn in so many delicious flavors

177. Happy hour

178. Being able to afford rent

179. War heroes who gave and risked their lives so you can have the freedom you have today

180. Study time with friends

181. The green grass

182. The present moment

183. Machinery that helps make tasks so much easier and faster!

184. Intelligence and what it allows you to achieve

185. Emails

186. The sentimental value of handwritten letters

187. Cameras that allow you to capture every moment 

188. Photos to look back on treasured memories

189. Unicorns and all their mystery and magic

190. Houses that give people somewhere dry, warm, and safe to live

191. Beautiful stationery

192. Cute bedding

193. A cozy pet bed for your special furry friend!

194. Having faith in your god

195. Great coworkers, you enjoy working with

196. Being able to buy things that make you happy

197. Romance

198. Laptops

199. The ability to work from home

200. Clean running water

201. Being able to travel the world

202. Your favorite food

203. Shopping carts that help you carry all the goodies with ease!

204. Soft pillows that feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud

205. Cake… especially when it’s still warm!

206. Licking the bowl

207. Farm shops with fresh produce

208. Volunteers

209. Spell checkers

210. Rainbows… especially double rainbows!

211. Home-cooked meals

212. New experiences

213. Cozy socks

214. Warm slippers

215. Underfloor heating

216. The 7 wonders of the world

217. Taking spontaneous long drives, just because!

218. Driving to see the Christmas lights

219. Scuba diving

220. The fun, thrills, sounds, and smells of theme parks

221. Adrenaline inducing extreme sports

222. Baking cakes

223. Having clarity of mind

224. Proper belly laughs

225. Stormy weather

226. Rainfall

227. New outfits that make you feel like a million dollars

228. Good neighbors who look out for you

229. Shoes that keep your feet warm, dry, and looking glam!

230. BBQ gatherings with loved ones

231. Inspirational quotes that pick you up

232. Funny memes

233. Being heard and understood

234. Having volunteering opportunities available to you

235. Animals and creatures

236. Laughter

237. Pretty autumn leaves

238. Smiles

239. Living in an era of increasing diversity and acceptance

240. Starry night skies

241. Family

242. True Friends

243. Airports

244. Your lover

245. Being fortunate enough to have a place you call home

246. Having money

247. Intricate spiderwebs

248. Afternoon naps

249. Being healthy

250. All the parts of your body

251. Being surrounded by nature

252. Opening the window and feeling the fresh air rush in

253. Warm hugs

254. Beautiful oceans and beaches

255. The sound of leaves rustling in the wind

256. Crawling into your soft cozy bed when you’ve had a long day

257. Having a snuggly sofa to curl up on and watch Netflix

258. Being able to cry during difficult times

259. Feeling well-rested when you’ve had a good night’s sleep

260. Feeling loved

261. Being appreciated and receiving positive feedback for the things you do

262. For being able to be yourself

263. Computer keyboard shortcuts that make things so much quicker!

264. Playing board games… especially at Christmas

265. Technology and what it allows you to do

266. Butterflies… especially when they land on you!

267. Cell phones

268. Having the time to take a deep breath and meditate

269. The desire to make your world better

270. Prisons and the justice system

271. Living a life of spirituality

272. Looking up at the full moon on a clear night

273. When you’re able to let go after a tough time and move on

274. Taking time to personally develop and increase your wellbeing

275. Having an imagination

276. Appreciating the mysterious beauty of castle ruins 

277. Picking your own berries in the summer 

278. Choosing your favorite pumpkin in the fall

279. Having the ability to run

280. Being able to climb mountains and explore the Earth

281. Driving with the top down!

282. Meeting likeminded people at clubs 

283. The healing power of crystals

284. Google for having all the answers

285. Having the drive to make new positive habits

286. All the privileges you have in your life

287. Being able to try different things

288. Being able to talk about your problems

289. Experiencing the motivation you need to keep going

290. Having great ideas

291. Being able to draw

292. The natural beauty of pearls

293. Being selfless and kind to others

294. The smell of cut grass in the summer

295. Feeling safe and secure

296. Being able to experience the feeling of sadness

297. The modern benefit of electricity

298. Satellites… especially when you spot them flying over on a clear night 

299. The moon

300. Being able to walk wherever your mood takes you.

301. Delicious drinks that quench your thirst on a hot day

302. The internet for connecting you to the world

303. Freebies!

304. Having the autonomy to make decisions for yourself

305. Enjoying the peace and quiet in libraries

306. Book shops… especially cozy ones like you see in the movies!

307. Enjoying a coffee and a slice of cake in the cafe

308. People being truthful with you

309. Being able to experience everything life has to offer

310. Words and communication

311. The power and wonder of fire

312. Ice

313. Having access to fans and air conditioning on hot days

314. Being able to switch the heating on whenever you need it

315. How the air smells after it has rained

316. Engineers and all the amazing things they create

317. Waking up to the sound of the birds in the morning

318. Having the ability to acquire knowledge

319. Equipment that allows you to work with ease

320. Pink champagne

321. Being able to mourn and say goodbye at funerals

322. Having access to kitchen equipment that allows you to cook safe food

323. Experiencing the luxury of Glamping

324. Camping

325. All your favorite varieties of candy

326. Pizza on a Friday evening with all your favorite toppings

327. Vaccines that keep you healthy and safe

328. Scientists!

329. Facemasks and equipment that allow you to keep yourself and others safe

330. The joy of waking up and seeing snow outside

331. Building the most epic snowman

332. Feminism

333. Prom night memories and looking glam!

334. Having a clean and tidy home

335. Being able to raise a family

336. That feeling when you manifest your goals

337. Spontaneous trips to somewhere you’ve never been before!

338. Experiencing the fruits of your labor

339. Buying your first home

340. Boats

341. Budget planners that help you stay on top of your finances

342. Passing your driving test

343. The ability to have memories of past experiences

344. The inner joy you feel when you see bubbles floating in the sky

345. The precious memories from your favorite childhood bear

346. Being able to fight and protest for what’s right

347. Becoming a better person

348. Being able to work collaboratively with others online

349. Your unique personality

350. Local community spirit

351. Visiting the gym to keep fit

352. Being curious and open-minded

353. Experiencing compassion

354. Enjoying a deliciously good breakfast

355. Someone cooking for you

356. The smell of freshly baked bread

357. Designers

358. Funny people who always bring a smile to your face

359. Artists

360. Entrepreneurs

361. Loyal dogs

362. Being able to dream

363. Having all the resources we need to live and thrive on Earth

364. Making gratitude lists that remind you of everything you have to be grateful for 

365. Feeling happy

366. Feeling secure

367. Having the 5 senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound

368. Being able to swim

369. Being able to ride a bike

370. Having people in your life who would do anything for you

371. Having someone in your life who you would do anything for.

372. Fluffy sheep for their wool and general cuteness!

373. Having the time to relax

374. Meeting new people

375. Dancing… especially when no one is watching!

376. Being able to sing whether you can hold a tune or not

377. Date nights

378. Weddings

379. Beautiful neat handwriting 

380. When you’re pleasantly surprised

381. Daily affirmations that help you stay focused

382. Receiving helpful advice from others

383. Windows that allow you to look out into the world

384. Sitting around a cozy campfire and having a great time with friends

385. Breathing exercises that help you stay calm and grounded

386. Refuse collection staff

387. Leaves falling in the fall and blowing in the wind

388. Being able to treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure

389. Restaurants that serve delicious, authentic food

390. Early nights

391. Having access to fitness equipment and resources 

392. All your natural strengths

393. Dentists

394. Toothbrushes and paste that keep your teeth strong

395. Hospitals and health care centers

396. Colors that you can use to express yourself with

397. Ted talks that open your mind to new ideas

398. Podcasts

399. Having all your fave songs at your fingertips with Spotify

400. Amazon and all its convenience

401. Etsy for giving creative people a space to sell their crafts

402. Coming together at music concerts

403. The atmosphere at festivals

404. All the variety and new experiences of food festivals

405. Data analysts

406. Insurance for giving you peace of mind

407. Being in a position to be able to care for others

408. The comforting feeling of being cared for

409. Magic tricks that wow and amaze you

410. Having emergency services at the end of the phone

411. The miracle of pregnancy

412. The unmistakable smell of newborn babies

413. Being able to have light at the flick of a switch

414. Incredible things like the universe you live in

415. Having a bath bomb in your bath

416. When you have alone time

417. Large over-sized sweatshirts

418. When you find a familiar shape in the clouds

419. When the sun rays shine through gaps in the clouds 

420. Being a parent

421. Being able to breath

422. Mental health charities and support systems for you when you might need it 

423. Philosophers for challenging your beliefs with their wisdom

424. When you read poetry

525. Authors for giving you memories from childhood and beyond

426. The sound of silence

427. Anti-virus software that keeps your computer safe

428. Having the time to enjoy your hobbies

429. When you have Alexa and Siri to remind you of everything you need to do!

430. Gaming… especially with friends

431. Being humorous… especially when times are tough

432. Being able to plan and prioritize your tasks

433. Crisp and cold sparkling water

434. Freshwater springs

435. Awe-inspiring waterfalls

436. Babbling brooks

437. Facing challenges and overcoming them

438. Pinterest for being the best place for your dream board

439. Having the confidence to speak your mind

440. Having thoughts that no one else can know

441. Being able to give and experience forgiveness

442. Taking time for self-care

443. The ability to say no

444. Your body is able to heal

445. Warm, fluffy rugs and carpets that keep your feet cozy and warm.

446. Inspirational stories

447. Melting marshmallows over a campfire

448. Eating unlimited amounts of pancakes on Pancake day!

449. Having healthy options available in supermarkets and restaurants

450. Demolishing a chocolate cake all by yourself… or sharing with a friend.

451. Umbrellas that keep you dry in the heaviest of rainfalls 

452. Being able to jump in puddles

453. Astronomers

454. Sealife

455. Plants and vegetation

456. Spending time tending to your garden.

457. Facing fears no matter how difficult they seem

458. Being able to read

459. Have all your favorite books available on Kindles and Google books

460. Doors so you can shut the world out when you want to.

461. Having the right to privacy

462. Negative feelings and the positive lessons to learn from them

463. Living in a country with civil order

464. Living in a democracy

465. Builders

466. Architects for designing safe and beautiful buildings

467. Paper

468. The darkness

469. Thank you notes

470. Receiving and making homemade gifts

471. Strangers who smile at you

472. Expert craftspeople who pay attention to detail

473. All the special stories your grandparents told you

474. Being able to hike in the mountains and along beautiful trails

475. Trees of all kinds

476. Random acts of kindness

477. Night classes

478. Being able to learn new languages

479. Mindfulness teachers

480. Being treated with respect 

481. Having good intentions

482. That no matter how hard things have got, you’ve never given up

483. Being sincere with everyone

484. Accepting others for who they are

485. The ability to feel pain

486. Having the freedom to vote

487. The armed forces for keeping your country safe

488. Getting a bonus at work

489. Spending Thanksgiving with family and friends

490. Ticking things off your bucket list

491. Fathers day

492. Mothers day

493. Comfortable seats

494. Team spirit 

495. Footballs for all the hours of fun they bring

496. Trick or treating on Halloween

497. Warm, fluffy towels that keep you warm after getting out of a hot bath or shower

498. Your fave family member

499. Magic of Christmas lights

500. New year parties and fresh starts

How And When To Practice Gratitude

Giving thanks and appreciating even just the simple things in your day to life is super easy to do…

However, despite knowing all the benefits of practicing gratitude and its simplicity, it’s so easy to forget to do it on a daily basis.

Sure it’s easy to feel thankful in the moment, like when you get a bonus at work…

But understandably, not so easy to appreciate the beautiful clear blue skies while busy running errands!

So to ensure you’re getting your daily gratitude practice in, try writing down the positive things you’re grateful for in a gratitude journal every morning before your day starts!

For even more gratitude (and going to bed full of joy and appreciation) you can also jot them down just before you go to sleep at night.


So there you have it, 500 things to be grateful for!

Has this list inspired you to start practicing gratitude in your own life?

Remember, the benefits are endless!

So what are you waiting for? Get started with practicing gratitude today!