30 Valentine’s Day Bullet Journal Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With!

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start planning out your bullet journal with these Valentine’s day bullet journal ideas…

Valentine’s Day Bullet Journal Inspiration 

We’ve gathered 30 of the best cover pages, weekly spreads, trackers, and more beautiful spreads with Valentine’s day themes that you’re sure to fall in love with!

Whether you’re looking for something simple or something a little more elaborate, we’ve got you covered.

So what are you waiting for?

Start planning out your own bullet journal that will give you all the Valentine feels this February!

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30 valentines day bullet journal ideas

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30 Valentine’s Day Bullet Journal Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With!

1. Be My Valentine

This beautiful spread is perfect for your next Valentines day cover page and only requires a few simple bullet journal supplies.

Be my valentine page

2. Love letter Cover Page

There are so many ways to design a cover page for Valentine’s that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

This cute cover page is filled with letters of love is the perfect option if you’re looking for something that’s beautiful but easy to recreate!

February Love Letters Cover Page

3. Valentine’s To-Do List

This simple pink to-do list page just goes to show that you don’t need complex designs or a lot of complicated work to achieve a cute Valentine’s Day bullet journal theme.

All it takes is some hearts, highlighters, and a pretty pink border in order to create a lovely bujo page without any fuss at all!

Valentines To Do List

4. February Monthly Spread

We love this simple Valentine’s day monthly spread… especially the affirmation in the bottom corner…

It’s a great way to keep your intentions fresh and inspired for this coming month!

February Monthly Spread Bullet Journal Page

5. Heart Themed Habit Tracker

Give yourself the love you deserve this Valentine’s day with this heart-themed habit tracker!

You can also check out more awesome habit trackers right here.

Heart Themed Habit Tracker

6. Love letter Weekly Planner

The digital bullet journal is perfect for those who love the flexibility of designing their own layouts and themes. You can create beautiful designs like this February weekly planner with a sweetheart theme!

Love Letter weekly Planner

7. Creative Valentine Journal

You’ll be able to organize all your thoughts and emotions this month with this amazing bullet journal spread… perfect for you if you love getting creative!

Valentines Journal

8. Valentine Mason Jar Mood Tracker

Keep a track of all your good, bad, and meh moods of the month with your own jar of hearts. Introduce your own sweet color scheme or keep it pink and red for a traditional Valentine’s theme.

Valentine's Mason Jar Mood tracker

9. Valentine Quote Page

Quote pages belong in bullet journals, especially romantic Valentine’s quotes like this one. 

Valentine quote page

10. Pink Heart Weekly Planner

Get into the valentine spirit with this pink-inspired weekly planner. Complete with a habit tracker, to-do list, and even a pink meal planner, you’ll be winning each and every day!

Pink Heart Weekly Planner

11. Valentine Gratitude Log

We love how this Valentine’s Day gratitude log is so simple and yet elegant!

It’s the perfect way to start your day off right – with some appreciation for all that you have.

Need more inspiration of things to feel thankful about? Check out our list 500 things to be grateful for!

Valentine Gratitude Log

12. Pink Habit Tracker

Keep track of all your important habits with this beautiful habit tracker filled with adorable love hearts!

Pink Habit Tracker

13. Rose Themed Monthly Spread

Deep red and pink roses bring all the valentines vibes to this Beautiful spread that will keep you on track for the whole month!

Rose Themed Monthly Spread

14. Valentine’s Playlist Page

Get ready for some power ballads and love songs with this Valentine’s Day playlist page for your bujo! It’ll help you create your own list of favorite love songs to sing along with while journaling.

Valentine's playlist page

15. Love Letter Theme February Cover Page

Get into this romantic time of year with a cute love letter theme cover page like this one below… 

February Love Letters Cover Page

16. Heart Mood Tracker

With just a little bit of shading, you can give your habit tracker an adorable look that’s simple to recreate.

Heart Mood Tracker

17. Valentine’s Doodle

These simple doodles include love letters, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and a cupid’s heart…

Perfect for a Valentine’s bullet journal theme and super easy to recreate!

Valentines Doodles

18. Pretty Hearts Cover Page

This cover page is pretty and elegant and makes the perfect valentine’s day bullet journal spread!

Pretty Hearts Cover Page

19. Flower Themed Cover Page

If you don’t want a heart theme in your bullet journal this Valentine’s day then why not draw some pretty flowers like this design?

Flower Themed Cover Page

20. Sweet Treats Cover Page With Washi Tape

Lollypops, chocolate-coated strawberries, and adorable tiny hearts make up this cute and minimalist bujo cover page…

We also love how the washi tape brings some effortless pops of color and interest to the page!

Sweet Treats Cover Page With Washi Tape

21. Self Love Quote Page

Not only do we love the bright colors of this self-love quote page But more than that, we want you to know that there isn’t anything more important than self-love on valentines day!

Self Love Quote Page

22. Heart Shaped Wreath Cover Page

How adorable is this pretty and elegant February cover page?

With a delicate heart-shaped wreath made up of beautiful baby pink roses and intricate corner details, this is surely a page you’ll fall in love with!

Heart Shaped Wreath cover page

23. Red Heart Themed Planner

Get your Tombow dual brush pens ready for this cute red heart-themed planner… you can also get stencils to recreate a design like this here.

Red Heart Planner

24. Washi Tape Heart Valentine’s Day Bullet Journal Page

This awesome heart is made with a mix of beautiful Valentine-themed washi tape and we just love it!

Washi Tape Heart

25. Owl Themed Weekly Planner

This is one of our favorite Valentine-themed weekly layouts.. we love the mix of red and pink hearts, love letter,s and heart garlands… adorable!

Romantic weekly spread

26. Cupids Heart Cover Page

This cupid’s heart is a simple valentine’s cover page that you can easily recreate!

If you want to draw some roses too, check out this how-to-draw a rose tutorial by easy peasy fun!

Cupids Heart Cover Page

27. Mailbox Cover Spread

Here’s a fun way to create your own secret valentines!

A cute little mailbox overflowing with secret valentines will make the perfect cover page for February!

Letter Box Cover Spread

28. Love Heart Mood Tracker

Track your mood in a cute way with this fun love heart candy-themed bullet journal mood tracker.

Simply color each area of the page according to which emotion you’re feeling that day with soft pastel colors!

Love heart Mood Tracker

29. Love Heart Weekly Spread

This monthly layout is the perfect way to get extra organized this Valentine’s!

You’ll find yourself with lots of free time for self-care activities, making it a wonderful holiday filled with love and gratitude.

Love Heart Weekly Spread

30. Simple Heart Weekly Planner

Plan your perfect week with this sweet design… The concept is simple but is overflowing with Valentine vibes!

simple heart weekly spread



So are you ready to design your Valentine’s day bullet journal? Which of the designs above did you fall in love with?

Let us know in the comments below…

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